About Us

We are a pure-play, SAP-centric, knowledge company:

Our start-up company is in the business of providing highly-specialized, value-added knowledge services to companies and organizations that use, or plan to use, SAP software platform for their core business applications.

Frontem is all about experience, knowledge, skills and passion of our people; this is our most important asset, which coupled with our belief that the SAP platform is the best business application software in the world, drives us to pursue our mantra: bring SAP to the masses of Small and Midsize Companies.

We deliver True Value. Fast!

We do not compete on price, but on value: we not only deliver SAP Solutions in time and in budget, but we ensure the SAP design and functionality we propose and implement will drive the business benefits and efficiencies our clients are expecting.

Our core belief is that we can achieve more for our clients with an Expert Team-Driven approach: better results and value with a small, experienced, project team of SAP professionals.

We are SAP Experts.

We believe little knowledge is a dangerous thing when one is tasked to implement business –critical SAP systems: we have chosen to specialize in order to deliver knowledgeable advice and high quality solutions

Our focused expertise lies in the SAP ERP Financials and SAP ERP Logistics areas; so whether you need to add a highly integrated COPA - Profitably Analysis reporting system, or automate and optimize your SAP Bank reconciliation process or deploy precise Transportation functionality in the Logistics Execution, we’ve got these covered.

Visit our Knowledge pages to get full details of SAP areas we master.

We are 100% people oriented and committed to sizeable results for people:

Everyday we “rub shoulders” with people from our clients, from CEO’s and owners to data entry clerks; we help these people navigate through the challenges and changes of a business software system implementation process.

In a professional manner, we make every effort to please these stakeholders by giving knowledgeable advice and quality services; this is our helping hand with which we build SAP solutions that will bring sizeable benefits to both the client organization and to the people using the software on their daily jobs.