Our Name

Frontem etymology lies in a Latin tactical command given to the Roman legions (Frontem Allargate) while engaged in battle.

This precise command was calling for a scattered, dispersed formation of the soldiers.

We think the metaphor in our name underlies and recognizes:

  • the power of cohesion that our company wants to project to our clients
  • that the Internet age gives us the power to source SAP knowledge from people around the globe and deliver our services from any location to any location.
  • our belief in an Expert Team-driven value delivery to our clients, as compared to our individual strengths.

Frontem also symbolizes our conviction that we can innovate, execute and deliver better results for our clients as a strong and disciplined formation , while we keep our 100 % adaptability: just like the Roman legions won victories by adopting tactics focused on standardization and systematization, flexibility, persistence and a strong sense of discipline.