Our Philosophy

Design and Quality Matter

  • Good design is key for any human endeavor: implementing a business software solution is no different. While it might seem intuitive that modeling on a standard packaged application, like SAP, would be easy, in reality, it’s not.
  • Frontem’s ability to deliver high quality solutions designed with “The big, integrated, SAP picture” in mind, coupled with specialized expert knowledge and flawless service delivery are true value propositions that we adhere to in front of our clients.

Your Business Process first, SAP second

  • We believe business processes are key differentiators in any industry and can drive significant competitive advantage for smart companies.
  • The winning combination we outline and champion is blending your Business Process Excellence with our SAP knowledge and industry experience on how to model, automate and optimize your Business Processes on the SAP platform. Ultimately, this is how to extract true business value from using the software.

We strive for excellence while we are truthful

  • For expertise areas that we master, our advice and execution will always be precise, informed, refined, thoroughly documented and clear for our clients to understand.
  • We are proud of our expert knowledge but we are not afraid to tell our clients: “I don’t know”; this might sound odd for a knowledge company, but that’s our way to be truthful and humble in understanding our limits in front of our clients.

Proactive Attitude for Success of our Clients

  • We want our clients to succeed, so we go in every engagement with high energy and strong principles: we are results oriented, pragmatic and committed to deliver business value for our clients.
  • Our people practice a proactive consulting approach that ensures Frontem can keep its promise: We Deliver True Value, Fast!