Our services portfolio covers the full SAP solution lifecycles: from discovery to continuous improvement and support.

Most of our Services are Productized: that means we don’t show up to our clients with a blank sheet of paper and we don’t start every project from scratch. Instead, we leverage our SAP experience, our methods and tools and we build on the Pre-defined SAP Best Practices, as well as Frontem Accelerators to give our clients full benefit of our knowledge and drive a shorter implementation cycle.

Moreover, many of the activities that we conduct during an SAP Implementation (e.g. configuration models for Org Structures, data load programs, forms and reports definitions, etc) are backed up by Frontem Accelerators: pre-configured/ pre-defined programs and tools that we easily install and use right away with minimal modifications and customizations.

Our services are supported by specific set of deliverables, depending on the service type; these include:

  • Project Plan: with timelines, effort estimates and people assigned to tasks.
  • Statements of Work : clearly defining the scope of our work
  • List of Deliverables and Samples of Deliverables
  • Profiles outlining the names and experience of Frontem people who will perform the services
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis and Key Performance Indicators(KPI)